Why we believe
we were born to do this.

Our Services

We provide photography and cinematography services mainly for these people.


Promotional & Concert Photography and Music Videos

We offer the most prolific options to spread the word of your band and get your album sold.


Profile Photos, TVCs and Training Videos

Get a photoshoot for your upcoming magazine spread or let us help you train the new guy.


Photography and Videography Packages

Only the best photography and cinematic packages for your special day.


Jordan Geizer

Jordan Geizer

Director, Photographer

Jordan's been shooting ambitious projects since he was 9. With a keen eye for lighting and a heart for bold performances. Jordan's always striving for the next level.

Sam Haakman

Sam Haakman


Sam is a Visual Design major and long-time envelope pusher. By focussing on the story behind the visuals and refusing to conform, Sam brings an individual look and feel.

Jasiah Geizer

Jasiah Geizer

1st AC

Bursting onto the field very young in life, Jasiah is continually pushing his skills to new boundaries with his enthusiasm to keep shooting.



We're always looking for an extra hand. If you're keen, give us a buzz here.

Why Us

  1. Stories that move.

    It's hard work. But we love going to great lengths to pitch you a story that best communicates your brand's values.

  2. Larger than life.

    We believe that we have a responsibility to shoot on the best platforms available to make works of lasting quality. We believe shooting on RED Cinema Cameras, at four times the resolution of Full HD, meets this standard.

  3. A bit of heart.

    Got a rad new track? We want to hear it! We know how hard it is for great, indie bands to get exposure. A couple times a year we shout a band to a music video. On the house.

  4. Tasteful.

    On our team is a set of accomplished graphic designers, giving that last little edge to our clips. We take great care to make sure your brand's identity looks as slick as it should be.